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2-7-2017 CEGCON2017 Huge Success

CEG Admins would like to thank all who attended CEGCON2017 and made it a huge success! We roughly had 110 attendees who participated in the BYOC and the Board Gaming sections. We have posted the photos from the event to our Facebook page and our Photos Section on our site.

We cannot thank our Sponsors enough for their outpouring of support! They provide so many awesome and amazing gifts for our attendees. If you have not please like them on their social media pages and be sure to post a review of the items you may have won at your favorite shopping site.

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12-13-2016 CEGCON2017 Sponsors

CEGCON2017's sponsor list is ever growing and we'd like to take a minute just sit right there and we'll tell you about all the wonderful companies who've signed up to support CEGCON! Show your support for our sponsors by liking them on their social media and sending them your thanks!

ADATA is a leading manufacturer of memory and storage components from USB flash drives to DRAM and SSDs. ADATA is a first time CEG sponsor and is providing us some great prizes. Thank you ADATA!

ARCTIC is a manufacturer of many great products including CPU and graphics card coolers, thermal compound, and gaming headsets. Arctic is a first time sponsor of CEG and has provided us with some great prizes for our attendees. Thank you Arctic!

beyerdynamic is one of the oldest audio companies, manufacturing premium microphones, headphones, and more in Germany. beyerdynamic are providing CEGCON2017 with some great prizes and swag. Thank you beyerdynamic!

Computer Power User (CPU Magazine) produces great print and web content related to PC hardware, gaming, and more. CPU is a returning sponsor of CEG and is providing us with a copy of their latest issue for each attendee of CEGCON2017. Thank you CPU Magazine!

Das Keyboard in their own words "offers badass geeks the ultimate experience with high-performance mechanical keyboards with superior durability, construction, and design." Das Keyboard is also a first time CEG sponsor and has provided us with some great products from their Gaming line. Thank you Das Keyboard!

Enermax has been around for over 25 years selling a variety of PC hardware such as Computer Cases, CPU Coolers, and Power Supplies. Enermax has also provided some great prizes for our attendees of CEGCON2017. Thank you Enermax!

Futuremark creates industry leading benchmarking software for desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and VR systems. Futuremark has provided CEG with copies of 3DMark Advanced Edition and VRMark Advanced Edition for some lucky attendees of CEGCON2017. Thank you Futuremark!

GAMDIAS is returning as a CEG sponsor for their 3rd event, welcome back GAMDIAS! GAMDIAS has provided us with some gaming mice and a gaming mechanical keyboard to give away at CEGCON2017. Thank you GAMDIAS!

ICY DOCK has more than 15 years of experience in design, manufacturing, branding and distribution of storage solutions. ICY DOCK have provided us with a ton of storage drive mounts and coolers to give away. Thank you ICY DOCK!

Max Keyboard is a manufacturer of mechanical keyboards and accessories specializing in custom backlit keyboards as well as custom keycaps. Max Keyboard have provided us with 2 programmable mini keypads and a bunch of Max Keyboard logo backlit keycaps to give away! Thank you Max Keyboard!

Mechanical Keyboards Inc is the Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Catalog offering mechanical keyboards and accessories from all the major brands. They have provided us with one of their own branded mechanical keyboards to give away. Thank you Mechanical Keyboards Inc!

OCZ is back again for the 3rd CEG event in a row sponsoring CEGCON 2017 with some great prizes and swag. Thank you for the continued support OCZ!

Optio Data will be sponsoring CEGCON for the first time! OptioData is a hardware vendor based out of Grand Rapids that Ferris State utilizes for enterprise level hardware. While they arn't supplying attendees with SANs, Servers, or technically support they are sending some great Grand Rapids swag! Thanks again OptioData!

Psyonix is the developer of the hugely popular game Rocket League. Psyonix have hooked us up with some great swag for the winners of our Rocket League tournament! Thank you Psyonix!

Rosewill is a first time CEG sponsor and is stepping up big for CEGCON2017, providing us with headsets, RGB mechanical keyboards, and a computer case! Thank you Rosewill!

SilverStone has been supporting CEG events for years and we can always count on them to provide us with some great prizes. Thank you SilverStone for sponsoring CEGCON2017!

SteelSeries is once again sponsoring CEG with some great products for prizes. CEGCON marks the 10th consecutive event with SteelSeries as a sponsor. Thank you SteelSeries!

TEAMGROUP is another first time CEG sponsor and has provided us with a lot of swag from USB flash drives and SD cards to RAM and SSDs from their T-Force gaming line! Thank you Team Group!

Transcend is a global brand specializing in memory, storage, and multimedia products. As a first time sponsor Transcend is providing CEGCON2017 with some goody bags of prizes. Thank you Transcend!

Velocity Micro sells an extensive range of specially-designed, custom-built, award-winning products that include gaming desktops, enthusiast PCs, notebooks, professional workstations, servers, and small business solutions. Velocity Micro has once again provided us with some great swag to give away to our attendees. Thank you Velocity Micro!

be quiet! is a premium brand of power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions for desktop PCs. Consistently the leader in the German PC power supply market since 2007*, be quiet! is one of the most successful PSU brands in Europe. be quiet! have supplied CEG with some great prizes and swag for attendees of CEGCON 2017. Thank you be quiet!

Sloth E-Sports is your destination for sloth'd out competitive style mousepads, e-sports themed gear with a sloth twist, and so much more. Sloth E-Sports have provided us with some sloth pads and other swag for our attendees. Thank you Sloth E-Sports!

By popular demand, the internet's dream of keyboard-shaped waffles is now a reality! The Keyboard Waffle Iron features a one-of-a-kind patented design that makes incredibly fun keyboard shaped waffles. KWI have provided us with one waffle iron to give away and discount coupons for our attendees! Thank you KWI!

Vertagear is a gaming chair manufacturer committed to bringing inspired design and innovative features to gaming products. Vertagear have provided CEG with a special prize for one lucky attendee of CEGCON 2017! Thank you Vertagear!

Ballistix performance memory is designed to give the upper hand to gamers, performance enthusiasts, and overclockers. Ballistix have sponsored CEGCON with some RAM and SSD upgrades for lucky raffle winners! Thank you Ballistix!

EVGA is a manufacturer of GPUs, power supplies, cases, laptops, motherboards, and peripherials. EVGA has sponsored CEGCON with power supplies and mice for our lucky raffle winners! Thank you EVGA!

FirePower Technology is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of high-performance power conversion solutions for PC Power and industrial power applications. FirePower Technology have supplied CEG with some great prizes and swag for attendees of CEGCON 2017! Thank you FirePower!

11-30-2016 CEGCON2017 "Official" Shirt!

Please visit TeeSpring Campaign "CEGCON2017" to reserve your "Official" CEGCON T-Shirt! For only $21.24 shipped right to your door! Wear it with pride at CEGCON February 4th 2017!

11-30-2016 Announcing CEGCON2017

CEG admins are proud to announce the upcoming CEGCON2017. The event will be held Saturday February 4th, 2017 from 10:00am until 9:00pm in the FSU University Center room UCB200 in Big Rapids, Michigan.

CEGCON is an all-encompassing gaming event with PC, Console, and Tabletop games. CEGCON will gladly accommodate 150+ gamers with an 80 seat BYOC LAN party, and a dedicated Tabletop gaming area run by our good friends at the Big Rapids Board Game Group.

Admission to the Tabletop gaming area is free but there is a $5 charge to reserve a seat in the coveted BYOC area.

All those wishing to participate in the BYOC LAN party must register online prior to the event.

Registration for CEGCON2017 will open at 8:00pm EST on Sunday December 11th, 2016 so get those F5 keys ready!

CEG would like to thank the FSU ITS Department for sponsoring this event and helping us secure the venue!

Official tournaments and sponsors will be announced in the coming weeks.

To stay up to date with what is happening at CEG please connect on our Community Page

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9-6-2016 CEG <3 PCPerspective

For those attendees who don't know about PC Perspective, Ryan Shrout and his team provide computer enthusiasts like yourself a great place to see reviews and feedback on much of the hardware you use everyday. They attendee QuakeCon every year and are a great group of guys!!! Check out their website: PC Perspective they have weekly podcasts reviewing hardware and PC accessories. Show them some CEG love!

9-6-2016 Lost In Cyberspace LAN Announcement

Ferris State University's Computer Enthusiast Group would like to welcome everyone back! We have survived the start of the semester and we hope you have as well.

CEG is planning another great LAN party for October 1st 2016 from 10:00am till 10:00pm located in the Arts & Science Commons room 1008 in Big Rapids Michigan for a total of 40 attendees.

Registration will open at 9:00pm EST on September 11th 2016!

Please register at this time as we usually fill up within minutes! (Prepare your F5 keys!)

*The LAN size will be locked at 40 attendees. If you signup and are unable to make it please email so that CEG Admin's can remove you from registration and others can sign up.

**We will be starting a wait list on our Facebook Page for those who weren't fast enough.

To stay up to date with what is happening please join/follow our social media pages

CEG Facebook Group

CEG Twitter

CEG Steam Group

CEG will be announcing our "official" tournaments later in the month so keep an eye out for those updates.

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4-26-2016 Corsair & SteelSeries Sponsorship

CEG would like to welcome first time sponsorship of Corsair! They are sending some wearable swag for the attendees of the DOOM LAN! Give them a like and specifically send a "Thank you" to George!

Also returning the the sponsorship is one of our long time supporters SteelSeries! They have always provided amazing prizes and swag for our LAN attendees Give them a like and say "Thank you!"

4-6-2016 DOOM Open Beta

3-10-2016 OCZ Sponsorship

CEG is proud to welcome OCZ Storage Solutions as a first time sponsor for the DOOM Release LAN! OCZ Storage Solutions is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of industry-leading solid state drives (SSDs). OCZ was generous enough to provide us with some swag as well as a brand new Trion 150 240GB SSD for one lucky attendee! For more information on OCZ products visit their website here or Facebook page. Be sure to give them a like and thank them for supporting our LAN!

3-10-2016 Gamdias Gaming, CPU Magazine, & OCZ Sponsorship

CEG Admins are happy to announce a brand new Sponsor for the CEG "DOOM" LAN. We would like to welcome Gamdias Gaming to the growing list of sponsors. They specialize in performance gaming hardware with pizazz. Their product line includes headsets, mechanical RGB keyboards, and high end gaming mice! For more information check out their website or their Facebook page link below. Let them know you appreciate them supporting CEG!

CEG would also like to welcome back CPU Magazine! They have always supported PC Gaming and the local LAN parties across the nation! Give them a "Like" on their Facebook page and tell them to keep supporting local LANs!

3-9-2016 Velocity Micro Sponsorship

The good folks over at Velocity Micro are joining the list of sponsors for CEG's "DOOM" LAN! Check out their site if you are interested in purchasing a custom made gaming machine!

2-10-2016 Bethesda & ID Software Support CEG DOOM LAN

Representatives of Bethesda and ID Software have contacted CEG Admins to inform us they are ecstatic we are hosting a DOOM LAN in honor of the release of DOOM!

They wanted to let everyone know they are happy to see a wonderful community of gamers who still get excited about their video games.

CEG would like to give it back so those who have not pre-ordered DOOM please visit the multiple vendors who are offering pre-order copies of DOOM in preparation for this event!

For those of you in the Big Rapids area the local GameStop is taking DOOM pre-orders right now! For those of you outside the Big Rapids area check out your local game store or online to pre-order DOOM!

For more information on DOOM Pre-Orders visit DOOM's website for the most up to date Pre-Order and game information.

Support DOOM by visiting their Facebook page! Twitter page! Instagram page! and YouTube page!

One last thing... CEG Admins want you to know this is one LAN you do not want to miss!!!

2-8-2016 CEG Goes to Hell! CEG DOOM LAN

Grab your shotgun because it's about to get bloody!

CEG is proud to announce our "DOOM LAN" scheduled for May 14th 2016 from 8:00am till 10:00pm in the hellishly warm Arts and Science Commons 1008 in Big Rapids Michigan for a total of 40 attendees.

This LAN is dedicated to the release of DOOM (5-13-2016 / DOOM Steam Vers) we will be dedicating all free play to DOOM.

Official tournaments will be announced on our Facebook group page (CEG Facebook Group) BTW we might throw some Rocket League in there to counter act all the blood tongue emoticon

You can join our official CEG Steam Group to keep track of all your CEG friends (CEG Steam Group)

Registration will open at 9:00pm EST on February 29th 2016!

We hope you enjoy being knee deep in Hell!

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1-19-2016 SilverstoneTek, SteelSeries, and Sumo Lounge LAN Sponsorship

CEG Admins would like to welcome and thank the sponsors for the upcoming "El-Nino" swag and prizes! 1 week and counting hope to see you all at the event!!!

1-19-2016 BAWLS GUARANA LAN Sponsorship

CEG would like to again welcome BAWLS GUARANA as a primary sponsor for our upcoming LAN. But this time is different from all other sponsorships. Bawls has provided CEG with 40 cases of beverage to be used for CEG upcoming event and future events.

So here is just a little math for you:

40 cases x 24 cans = 960 cans x 16 fluid ozs = 15,360 fluid ozs / 128 = 120 gallons of wonderful BAWLS beverage!

A HUGE Thank you goes out to Bawls for their support in CEG and Ferris State University. If you'd like to tell them thank you check out their Facebook page.

12-14-2015 CEG "El-Nino" LAN

CEG Admins are proud to announce the CEG "El-Nino" LAN!

LAN Information:

Date: February 6th 2016

Start: 8:00am - Stop: 12:00am (16hrs of LAN FUN!!!)

Where: Arts & Sciences Commons Rm 1008 Big Rapids Michigan 49307

LAN Size: 40 attendees

Prospective LAN Tournaments:

Call of Duty 2 5v5 TDM

Rocket League 3v3

Ultra Street Fighter 4 1v1

Doom Speed Run

*Tournament information will be posted on the website & another announcement email will be sent.

CEG LAN Registration Information:

LAN Registration will open December 20th 2015 @ 1:00pm EST at

*The LAN size will be locked at 40 attendees. If you signup and are unable to make it please email so that CEG Admin's can remove you from registration and others can sign up.

We look forward to seeing you all for our Winter LAN.

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10-14-2015 Bawls Sponsorship

CEG would like to make a quick last minute announcement... Bawls Guarana as joined our list of sponsors for the Halloween event. They are trying their best to ship the event some of their tasty beverage! CEG would like to thank the great team at Bawls for making it possible for the event to be fully caffeinated!

9-25-2015 SteelSeries Sponsorship

CEG would like to welcome again SteelSeries as a sponsor for the Halloween LAN! SteelSeries has sent 5x Siberia V3 Prism headsets, 5x DeX mouse pads, 4x t-shirts, and 1x 6Gv2 mechanical keyboard. Prizes overwhelming!! Make sure you bring your just don't know what we will be giving away! :)

9-25-2015 SilverStone Sponsorship

CEG would like to welcome again SilverStone as a sponsor for the Halloween LAN! They were gracious to send us a boat load of swag to give away at the event! Thanks again from CEG to SilverStone for being one of our biggest supporters!!!

9-15-2015 CEG Halloween LAN Announcement

Fall is in the air, soon the leaves will be changing colors, the nights will become longer and colder and pumpkin will be in everything from coffee to beer.

Come celebrate the seasons changes with your favorite costume, an ice cold Bawls, and some Halloween themed fun.

Show off your Halloween spirit by participating in the costume contest, try your hand at some of the fun themed tournaments, or just hang out and play some games.

Registration is now open so go grab one of the 40 seats available and stay tuned for more information on sponsors! Campus Scene

7-15-2015 CEG GOES TO QUAKECON 2015!

CEG admins BouvToTheMax, MrKola, PhiladelphiaCollins, Skipperdo, and Fragtastic will be making the yearly pilgrimage to Dallas, TX for QuakeCon 2015! Along with the usual volunteering for Tournament Setup, attending panels, and playing games CEG will also be hosting a tournament or two and raffling off prizes provided by our great friends at SteelSeries and Fractal Design!

Jay will be streaming occasionally throughout the event at:

PhiladelphiaCollins Twitch

So tune in for shenanigans and plenty of QuakeLive!

Huge thanks to our two sponsors, if you have some time please give them some love on Facebook, Twitter, youtube, etc:

Fractal Design




Steel Series




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6-22-2015 CEG Summer Break LAN Completed

CEG would like to thank all that attended our Summer Break LAN this past weekend. Much fun was had by all in this basement style event. Games like Command & Conquer Red Aler2, Counter Strike GO, Call of Duty 2, DOTA2, Super Smash Bros, and were played! Huge thanks to SteelSeries for sponsoring our LAN with mousepads, headphones, and mice! CEG will be returning this Fall so keep your eyes open for our CEG FALL LAN!

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3-23-2015 CEG Summer Break LAN Announcement

Summer break is in full swing and it's already hot outside...You all know what that means! Time to grab a cold Bawls and sit inside the AC for another CEG LAN!!! June 20th ASC1008 FREE Entry 40 Seats Fun Tourneys and STEEL SERIES Sponsorship!

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3-23-2015 CEG Winter LAN COMPLETE!!!

The CEG admins would like to personally thank each LAN attendee for attending the Winter LAN and creating the perfect atmosphere for all! We had fun and we hope you did too. We'd like to ask for your support in posting your pictures/comments to the sponsor's Facebook pages to allow us to continue the swag table you all know and love. To view all the event photos view the album here.

Please show your support by "Liking" and commenting on our sponsors Facebook Pages:

Fractal Design

Steel Series


CPU Magazine

VisionTek Products

1-16-2015:CEG Winter LAN

CEG Admins would like to welcome back the students for Winter/Spring semester! We hope you all enjoyed your break and we are in the process of setting up another LAN for FSU Students. The next upcoming CEG LAN is on March 21st 2015. Registration is OPEN and you can also check our Facebook Event page for more information.

Please show your support by "Liking" and commenting on our sponsors Facebook Pages:

Fractal Design

Steel Series


CPU Magazine

VisionTek Products

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10-2-2014:Welcome Back LAN HUGE Success!

CEG Admins would like to thank all the attendees who made the trip to the LAN! We'd also like to thank our sponsors Steel Series, Fractal Design, and QuakeLive for sponsoring some awesome SWAG. We have posted pictures of the event here in LAN Pictures.

Please show your support by "Liking" and commenting on our sponsors Facebook Pages:

Fractal Design

Steel Series


CEG LAN was also privileged to have some Bawls Chugging with 6 time QuakeCon Bawls Chugging Champion "KenCo12" vs "BurgerTimeBilly" You be the judge on who chugged the fastest.