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12-1-2017 CEGCON2018 Sponsorship - beyerdynamic

beyerdynamic is back and hooking CEGCON 2018 up with some of their great Custom Game headsets! Please give them a like on Facebook and thank them for supporting CEGCON 2018! Also check out the Custom Game headset.

12-1-2017 CEGCON2018 Sponsorship - Seasonic

CEG Admins are very excited to announce that Seasonic has joined on as a sponsor for CEGCON 2018! Seasonic is providing us with some great PSUs for a few lucky attendees at CEGCON 2018! Thank you Seasonic! Check them out on Facebook: Seasonic

12-1-2017 CEGCON2018 Sponsorship - Keyboard Waffle Iron

Please join me in welcoming back The Keyboard Waffle Iron as a sponsor for CEGCON 2018! They have graciously sent us a waffle iron to give away to one lucky attendee as well as coupon codes for 10% off your very own Keyboard Waffle Iron! Thank you The Keyboard Waffle Iron! Check them out on Facebook: Keyboard Waffle Iron

11-20-2017 CEGCON2018 Sponsorship - Futuremark

CEG would like to welcome back Futuremark as a CEGCON 2018 sponsor! Futuremark is once again providing us with 5 copies each of their 3DMark and VRMark benchmarking software! Check them out on Steam or their Facebook Page at: Futuremark

11-20-2017 CEGCON2018 Sponsorship - Gunnar

CEG is proud to announce that GUNNAR Optiks have teamed up with CEG for CEGCON 2018! 5 lucky attendees will go home with a pair of GUNNAR Optiks gaming glasses that protect your eyes and look good doing it! Checkout their Facebook Page at: GUNNAR Optiks

11-13-2017 CEGCON2018 Announcement!

CEG admins are proud to announce CEGCON 2018. The event will be held Saturday February 10th, 2018 from 10:00am until 9:00pm in the FSU University Center room UCB200 in Big Rapids, Michigan.

CEGCON is a PC gaming event that will accommodate a 100 seat BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party.

Admission to CEGCON is FREE thanks to the support and sponsorship of Ferris State University's Information Technology Services' Enterprise & Application Services department.

All those wishing to participate in the BYOC LAN party must register online prior to the event.

Registration for CEGCON 2018 will open at 8:00pm EST on Sunday December 3rd, 2017 so get those F5 keys ready!

Tournaments, sponsors, and additional information will be announced in the coming weeks.

To stay up to date with what is happening at CEG please connect with us on our Community Page.